Welcome to the development page of
Prison Pack Scotland

A First Time Inside Project
A concept born out of the mindset of Prehabilitation.

Prison Pack Scotland will be an online resource adding value across the justice continuum.

Born out of a mindset of prevention and prehabilitation Prison Pack Scotland aims to support as opposed to compete with existing services improving their visibility and increasing referrals.

Focussing on effectively delivering key information and services to the people who need it the most, when they need it most. Through Prehabilitation we believe that early and frequent engagement is crucial to changing destinations. We believe that introducing compassion at all stages of the justice journey can reap great human rewards. As you can see from looking around this simple development page a great deal of support already exists for the concepts of both Prison Pack Scotland and Prehabilitation as a result of our broad engagement across justice in our introductory role of First Time Inside.

Why are we doing this?

Because it would be unconscionable to know what the process entails, the level of toxicity within the environment and the apathy of those entrusted with the care of fellow humans and stand idly by allowing failings to be repeated time and time again.

First Time Inside

Prison Pack Scotland seeks to
add value to all of the following:

Individuals, Families & Communities
Scottish Prison Service
3rd Sector partners
Criminal Justice Social Work
Scottish Justice System

What does Prehabilitation mean to you?

“It’s about creating a community passionate about creating outcomes. It’s about putting people’s wellbeing front & centre with unfailing consistency. It’s a platform to connect compassionate services with like-minded ideas.”

Prelaunch encouragement

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